With a global reach of over 60 countries, we produce private-label products for leading brands including Lowe´s, Ace Hardware and Home Depot.

Truper is the #1 exporter, importer and manufacturer of hand tools in Latin America with the largest distribution network providing speed to market throughout the whole region.

We have established an integrated system from production and sourcing to distribution, aiming to provide high-quality products at competitive prices to our customers.


At our industrial complex consisting of 20 factories, 9,000 of our 15,000 total employees produce over 50 product categories, including wheelbarrows, striking tools and long handle tools.


For over 30 years we have created a solid structure for finding, developing, and maintaining relationships with suppliers, allowing us to import and distribute high-quality products from over 500 factories around the world.

Quality Assurance

At our Advanced Quality Center, over 180 engineers in 20 laboratories perform more than 100,000 tests per year.


Customers around the world trust us for delivering complete orders on time, as everyday over 200 trucks leave our 150,000㎡ distribution center en-route to our regional and international markets.

Our comprehensive catalog is comprised of over 11,000 products, meeting every customer need, from the light duty user all the way to the professional.

While Truper is our internationally recognized brand with a worldwide presence, we have six other subsidiary brands, catering to different market segments in Latin America.